Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America and the West. It is one of the Seven Summits, the highest of each continent.

    Along with Kilimanjaro in Africa, Elbrus in Russia and Denali in Alaska make up the emblematic expeditions of our organization, to which we have guided groups continuously since 2008.

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    CLASSIC (19 days): To ascent and descent by northwest face (normal route)
    EXPLORER (19 days): Ascent by southeast face and descent by northwest face (normal route)
    PLUS (21 days): It is Aconcagua Classic + 2 additional days for acclimatization.
    CONQUEROR (21 days): It is Aconcagua Explorer + 2 additional days.

    The key to this expedition is in the training during the previous months, since the specific aspects of the ascent itself is in charge of our guides and our staff of specialists. In this way, a project that at first sight emerges as a challenge becomes a concrete possibility.

    The combination of several elements make this expedition a unique experience in the Andes.

    The Aconcagua Park provides infrastructure and services to the visitor who will climb the mountain. The services included in the permit are: park rangers, restrooms and medical staff in the base camps. The support provided by these Park services, although essential, are just one of the services you will need for your summit attempt.

    We train people with the goal of climbing Aconcagua and other mountains since 2007. We are here to help you fulfill your dream.

    Join our groups! you will be welcome.

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      All of our expeditions to Aconcagua (Classic, Plus, Explorer and Conqueror) include the S.A.P (Specific Acclimatation Program) with ascents and trekkings previous to arriving to Plaza de Mulas, the base camp of the normal route. These previous ascents reach similar heights of Plaza de Mulas (4,260 meters). The aim is to reach an optimal acclimatization for the summit expedition.


    • S.A.P. Is designed from our experience of more than 15 years with people living at sea level in many cities around the world. We develope the same concept in expeditions to Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro in Africa and Elbrus in Europe from the Seven Summits circuit (the highest of each continent). The S.A.P. included in our expeditions to Aconcagua proved to be the most effective way to increase the summit chances.
    • We reserve 3 days for summit chances. The scheduled day and 2 extra days, to be used in case of weather conditions that require it. These days can also be used for the previous stay in altitude camps, in case the group requires it for acclimatization reasons or health, by criterion of the leading guide.

    • Upon request, we also provide the recommended training programs, to let you join to our Aconcagua expeditions with the best summit chances.

    Ask us for options! We are here to answer your questions.

    The ANTIS Outdoor Staff
    Mountaineering in Argentina and around the world.

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