Climbing in South America, continent of mountains and morros. Wherever you go you will find natural walls and routes for all levels. The frozen slopes of the Andes are the ideal places for ice climbing.

The Andes range offer a perfect geography, but there are options beyond the Andes. The plateaus of the pampas and the sierras of central Argentina offer alternative destinations with a spectacular landscapes.

The plateaus of Balcarce harmoniously combine the Pampean landscape with low walls for short routes and difficulties of all kinds.

Los Gigantes, in Córdoba from the center region, offers longer routes in a more alpine mountain environment, although here we are still far from The Andes range.

Finally, in the Argentinean Andes range are the largest climbing centers in that country. Los Arenales in Mendoza and Frey in Bariloche are the most complete options with difficulties and lengths of all kinds for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Brazil has many regions where for rock climbing in all its variants. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais are the most visited destinations, but there are much more in a country of morros, jungles, forests and beaches.

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