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Exploration is the action of exploring a place.

Exploring is to go somewhere unknown or little known to know or study, or to discover what is in it.

Welcome to our exploration programs. Here you will find expeditions, trekking or climbing that have in common that the destinations are rarely visited places.

Explore rarely visited regions. Whether expeditions to summits seldom climbed, to cross remote regions or trekking through hidden landscapes.

Whether our programs are developed in areas only accessible by expert guides and drivers or in restricted access areas, in all cases we will traverse the wild nature of the mountains guaranteeing you the safety rules. So, just explore and enjoy.

The programs in this section go beyond the mountaineering experience. Because in addition to involving expeditions, trekking and climbing, this programs combine other disciplines of adventure like overlanding or sport fishing, among others.

The experience of exploration is waiting for you in some places of our planet.

Exploration is the purest adventure.

Cordón del Tigre range, Mendoza, Argentina

El Leoncito

El Leoncito (5.000 meters high) is an experience of mountaineering and exploration. During
per person


Tigrecito (4,100 meters) is an express adventure because you only need 3 days to