Patagonia is one of the most beautiful places on the planet for mountaineering and trekking. Join our groups.

Climb the volcanoes Lanín, Domuyo or Tromen with the best guides. Or explore the confines of the Americas with our trekkings.

The mountains and the steppe speak the sacred dialect of the wind as we walk through Patagonia. The sounds of the wild nature still persist in this lands, already far yet from that centuries of great discoveries of lands not yet explored.

Whether you are approaching a base camp or enjoying a trekking, you will find the feeling of being in another era. In remote eras where glaciers dominated the face of the earth, animals ran free through endless steppes or steep mountains that seem to have emerged from a cataclysm that was yesterday.

Due to its low heights above sea level, the mountains of Patagonia offer the climber the advantage of not needing long periods of acclimatization. The wonder of climbing more than 2,000 meters of altitude in just three days! Possibilities like these open up in this wonderful territory.


Lanin volcano is 3,776 meters high and its ascent is a classic from
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Domuyo (4,709 meters) is the highest mountain in Patagonia and is sometimes called
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